The New Audi connect

The latest video for the new Audi connect showcases some of its innovative features that help keep drivers in touch with the world. With the first-ever 4G LTE service in a vehicle* (available in 2015 Audi A3), Audi connect helps make sure drivers can get the most out of their car, without missing out on anything happening outside of it.** It's just one more way Audi has managed to stay at the forefront of car connectivity.*4G LTE connection speeds only available in 2015 Audi A3. Other Audi vehicles use 3G connections. **Always pay careful…
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Grand Theft Auto V to feature 'Audi R8,' 'Aston Martin DB5' and more

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Grand Theft Auto V video screencap of Audi R8 clone

While not strictly a car game, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has always had quite a lot to offer the auto enthusiast video gamer. The hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V is no exception. In fact, based on the trailer for the game that Rockstar Games has just released, it may be the most cars-rich title in the series to date.

Though GTA is still a hair's breadth away from having fully real and licensed car models for its gameplay, the distance from reality has become smaller if we are to judge by…
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Drei Goldene Klassik-Lenkrder fr Audi

Bei der Preisverleihung "Das Goldene Klassik-Lenkrad 2012" räumte Audi gleich drei Auszeichnungen ab: Der Audi A1 Sportback und der Audi Q3 wurden zu den "Klassikern der Zukunft" gewählt, ein Ersatzteillager war der "Fund des Jahres".Lesen Sie mehr im Audi Blog:
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Watch how Audi 'evolved' the R8 for 2013

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Since the Audi R8 launched back in 2009, Audi has done a great job of keeping its mid-engine supercar fresh. Between the V10, the Spyder and the GT models, it seems like there has been something new added to the R8 every year. The 2013 model year is going to bring more of the same. More than just an updated look, though, Audi engineers made sure to fine tune the R8's performance, and Audi has released a video showing exactly what goes into making improvements to a car like the R8.

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