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Winter around here is more of a rainy affair than a snowy one, as our Prairieville, Denham Springs and Gonzales drivers well know. But that doesn’t mean some of our customers won’t be braving colder climates this holiday season. If you need the tips to get started, we’ve got them—along with a professionally-staffed Audi service department to accommodate you!

But first, what will you need to make sure your new Audi can handle the elements? On the maintenance end, making sure your oil is changed, your battery health is good, and your brakes are serviced are all important, and can be covered by our service center. We can also recommend the right snow tires for your model, if your travels take you to an area where they might get some use.

That might bring up questions for some, especially those with Audi’s legendary all-wheel drive system installed. Do you need snow tires with quattro? If you drive frequently in snow, the answer is “yes.” Quattro sends power to the wheels with the most grip to prevent traction loss, but stopping distance and stability can be further aided with the right set of winter rubber. That said, unless you regularly leave the state for work, an Audi with quattro will serve our Baton Rouge, LA drivers well in all seasons.

To learn more about the ways our to prepare your vehicle for the season ahead, including those of you who may venture North, let us help! We’ll always tell you to avoid the White Walkers and any signs of the Long Night (for any of you Game of Thrones fans out there), but for more specific advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone, or our contact form!